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Jul 9, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the case for nevadans and not people living in northern virginia or in montgomery county, maryland. >> southeast d.c. >> or southeast d.c. not far from national park. that unemployment in nevada is higher than michigan. how can that possibly be? harry reid is not just a senator, he's the majority leader and he has failed the fae of nevada. i think it's a good ad. >> straight here. you don't think that goes a little far? a bit of a stretch to believe all that bad stuff and the deficit and all that is obama and reid? >> i'm sorry. what were we talking about earlier? these are emotional reactions. logic and intellect have nothing to do with politics. >> he agrees of that -- >> i said it was good. >> the economy is the number one issue in that race. we'll see how it plays. >> everywhere. >> yes. >>> did taxes play role in lebron james decision to sign with the miami heat. our next question up. james said last night he wants a championship ring and money's not the issue. listen to this. >> well, the numbers are not finalized. i think my agent, leon rose, will take care of that, but all
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1